Early College Decisions

by Delilah Martin, Claire Swartzlander, & Alex Thornton

Imagine already knowing where you’ll be spending your next four years for college. While some are still completing the application process, we have a few students who have finished their early admissions applications and know exactly where they are going to go. Here we have Claire Swartzlander, who is going to share her experience on her early acceptance to University of Arizona.

“I knew I wanted to go to University of Arizona since I was in 6th grade and visited it for the first time with my sister, who was then going through the college application process. I got accepted to U of A on  September 2nd, about 2 and a half months before any of my friends had even started the college application process. I have visited 7 times since I was in sixth grade and am still in love with the beautiful school. While it is great to be done with this stressful process, I struggle most with keeping up the motivation to actually do school work. Whereas most seniors get horrible senioritis during second semester of the year, mine hit hard only weeks into first semester. I am very excited to know that University of Arizona will be my home next year, but I just want it to come faster!”

As we know, the college application process is very stressful and time consuming. I had a chance to interview one of our fellow students, Katy Coats, on her early decision to University of Nebraska Lincoln. Katy has known since mid-August that she was going to Nebraska for college and she says it is very stress relieving. She’s visited the college three times and she knows that it is definitely her home for the next four years. She says that she’s excited for the Big 10 football games because they’ve sold out every game since the 50’s! Katy is very excited and is stress-free. As one of Katy’s close friends, I’m very excited for her and I hope she has a great time in Nebraska!
Good luck on finals everyone! You will get into college too just like these two students!

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