Black Friday

by Kaylee Tate

img_0381Every Thanksgiving, everyone gathers around and reflects on what they are thankful for. Sometimes we eat a little too much food and enjoy the company of good friends and family we rarely see. A couple hours lat
er though, many people wrestle and fight in order to get the best deals at the nearest stores. Since 1952, the day after Thanksgiving has been given the name “Black Friday” and has been the start of the Christmas shopping season. The reason behind the name “Black Friday” is because retailers on this day will no longer be in the “red” and will instead make year’s profit. In this frenzy throughout the years stores have been trashed and many have been hurt because of the rush to get new items while they are on sale. Since 2006, there have been 7 reported deaths and 98 injuries all resulting from “Black Friday” shopping. Even though it is supposed to signify the start of the Christmas season many forget this because of how important materialistic items have become.

Although “Black Friday” can be very tempting, we as Christians have to remember as we come upon this Christmas season that Christmas is not only about getting or receiving gifts. Christmas is a time where we can celebrate our Lord and savior’s birth. Even if the world around us may be caught up in getting the best gifts and gadgets. We need to remember that this holiday is so significant to our faith and even though giving to others is what God calls us to do, we must remember not to get caught up in earthly things while doing so.

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