A’Float Sushi Review

by Sonali Lalwani

A’Float Sushi is a small sushi restaurant in Old Town Pasadena that is know for its affordable prices and unique presentation. This restaurant presents a variety of sushi such as the Avocado Maki, Edamame Sushi,and the UniSashimi. Along with these inexpensive dishes comes the fascinating way of how the customers are served. While people wait for their dishes, their sushi comes around on small rotating boats floating in water! With its interesting features and brilliant food, A’Float Sushi is filled with wonderful service and an inviting ambiance that leaves customers feeling satisfied.

 A’Float Sushi has a variety of desserts such as the Banana Tempura and the Green Tea Mochi ice cream. While one can enjoy the wonderful surroundings at the restaurant, A’Float Sushi also has the option to order food online. Customers can either pick up their food or it can be delivered to them. A’Float Sushi is a restaurant that cares about the convenience and accommodates to all of their customers. If you are screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-4-55-33-pmlooking for a place to eat sushi with your family, your companion, or even by yourself, A‘Float sushi is the right place to visit!

87 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105


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