5 Easy Study Tips for Finals

by Kaylee Tate anfinalsd Kevin Yuan

Everyone knows that come December, the Christmas season has arrived. From the decorations in our houses to the music all around us, December is a great time to enjoy the Christmas season. However, during this time students realize that December means one thing, and one thing only: finals have arrived. Most students, myself included, are not looking forward to the s
tart of finals next week and are extremely stressed with the workloads we have, trying to juggle studying for big tests. Although next week can be intimidating and stressful, there are things that you can do to make your week go by with ease. Going into your finals with a good mindset as well as knowing some study tips will help your finals to go by quicker  with less stress. Kevin and I will be giving 5 easy study tips on how to make it through finals, as well as getting the best results on every single test!

  1. Get a good amount of sleep:This one is extremely obvious but getting a full 8 hours of sleep during finals, even though it may be difficult, is extremely important. Sleep helps to relieve stress as well as recharges your body. If you are up all night doing that long study guide your teacher gave you, the next day when you take your test you will know all of the information, but you physically will not be able to take the test because you are so tired. Sleep before tests is also important because if you are well rested before the exam, you will have an easier time concentrating, remembering exactly what you studied, and will be more relaxed.
  2. Make a study group: Making a study group can be very beneficial to you and is easy as well. If you know that you struggle in a particular class and some of your friends or classmates do too, ask them if they would like to study together. When studying together you may learn new concepts you never thought of, as well as having another opportunity to review vocab or problems you might have been unsure of. If you make a study group you can also compare notes and share past tests and quizzes to review old concepts as well. It is important to remember when you make a study group to not get too distracted and remember you are all there for a reason, which is to do your best job on your final exam.
  3. Make your own study plan: Be sure to know what you are going to study, and when you will study it. Sometimes we have exams that need more attention than others; put those study guides and other material first. Spend a good amount of your time reviewing those ideas. Also, making your own study guides and review tests can be a helpful part of your study plan because they are your own notes. Quizlet, an app and website that many students use, is an easy way to help test yourself while learning some of the harder concepts of a class you may be struggling with.
  4. Always have your supplies: Make sure that you have all the supplies you know that you will need for each final. Always make sure that you have your pencils, pens, erasers, and calculators before your final test. Do not forget any supplies that you know that you will need. Always carry your pencil pouch and carry extra lead for your mechanical pencils if needed. Make sure that your pencils are #2 as well, because scantrons require them for every test.
  5. Pray: Finally, the last tip is to pray! Do not forget that the grades you get on these tests do not define who you are. It is simply showing the work you may or may not have put in.  Pray on all occasions and remember that with God anything you set your mind to is possible. God made us in his image and he did not make any accidents. He made you skillfully and wonderfully and sees greatness in you even if you don’t see it. Try not to become too discouraged, or think poorly of how smart you may be. What matters most is how hard you tried and learning how to better do next time. God loves us no matter how well do on a test. We never know what God has in store for us in the future, but if we listen and wait for God’s plan for us we can make it farther than we ever thought we could.

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