Christmas Traditions at Home and Afar

fullsizerender-2 Journalists Kin Spencer & Alex Thorton share their Christmas experiences

Kin Spencer: When I lived in Colombia for ten years, Christmas was my favorite holiday. December is a very important month in Colombia. We celebrate Christmas on December 24th. During that day, people make tamales and chicha de Maiz (Corn drink) and everyone in the neighborhood gathers around in the street and throws a big party. As a little kid i remember staying up very late with my friends. As a tradition,
we would also set up Christmas Nativity Scenes and we would gather around it and sing Christmas songs to celebrate the new born baby Jesus.

fullsizerender-1Alex Thorton: Christmas is a holiday most people look forward to and is personally my favorite holiday. It’s a time where everyone comes together and enjoys a fun family celebration. In my family, every year my dad’s side of the family meets on Christmas Eve to have a big dinner and end with a game of White Elephant. On the day of Christmas my mom’s side of the family gets together and we relax and cherish the time we have together. Christmas has always been a fun tradition in my family and it’s something I look forward to every year. 

As Christians, Christmas is a time of year where families and friends get together to cherish the people they were blessed with. Although Jesus may have not been actually born on December 25th, it is still fullsizerendera day where we come together and celebrate his birth and the gifts He brings in our lives. I know that everyone is always excited about the gifts under the tree, but taking a moment out of our day on Christmas to thank God for what we have is the true meaning of Christmas. 


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