Behavioral Interventionist

By: Delilah Martin
Today was my brother’s first day at working at Intercare Therapy. In this, he is given a client to work with (from 14 months to early 20’s) who struggles with autism. The Intercare program provides applied behavioral analysis services to kids and young adults diagnosed with an autism disorder. Clients receive one on one services from BI’s for a number of hours which is determined through health referrals. The role of a BI is to work with children who have autism, within a large range, or other developmental conditions. As they work with the clients they help; develop social skills, with school, and to eliminate disruptive behaviors.twitter_400x400

Since every autism case is so different, he didn’t know what to expect. His client was also experiencing his first time receiving services through this company. Due to it being his first time, they had no prior data to his behaviors. Upon meeting the client, it was obvious that he had been engaging in severe challenging behavior such as aggression, yelling, self-injurious behavior, and elopement (wandering).

Despite the clients many attempts to inflict physical harm to the BI, there were moments when the client and the BI were able to connect through this difficult barrier. The six hour session included many challenges but was nothing compared to a lifetime of pain experienced by parents of kids with autism who are exposed to this every day. Rather than getting frustrated, my brother realized that this isn’t something he should let get the worst of him because he is not the one living with autism. Through the many problems he had to deal with, it opened his eyes and helped him sympathize with those who are disabled even more than before.

As Christian students, it is important to remember those around us who are faced with difficult challenges. Many people in the world face autism as well as the family members who work hard to help them succeed. We should continue to keep in mind those who have to struggle more because of their development problems, we may not be able to relate to those with autism but we can always sympathize and pray.



Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind

– 1 Peter 3:8


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