Students vs. Tuition

Students protesting the possible tuition increase at Cal State Long Beach
Students protesting the possible tuition increase at Cal State Long Beach

by Sonali Lalwani

During the busy month of November seniors are trying to get their applications and essays in for many of the UC and Cal State universities. While many students are trying to get their good grades and high test scores, a rumor about the possibility of a tuition increase has caught their attention. To preserve the quality of education, the University of California and California State universities have publicly announced their consideration of raising tuition. According to the Los Angeles Times, they have not raised tuition in over six years. It is speculated that the rise in tuition will be about $270 for Cal State students and $280 for UC students. Looking back to 2002, the cost of tuition for UC schools was between $3,734 and $1,572 for Cal States. With the increase of tuition, many students may be unable to pay for housing or meal plans.

This new change has prompted prospective students to ask why this increase is happening. Hans Johnson, a director at the Institute of California Higher Education Center stated, “At the end of the day, if we do not provide meaningful higher education opportunities for our students, our state will be in worse financial shape, with a lower quality of life than we otherwise would have.” While this frustrates many students, the reason for this change in cost is to improve the quality of their education.

These universities cannot continue to operate on the same state funding and maintain the same level of service. In response, some students attending Cal State Long Beach have begun protesting on their campus. Students are holding up signs saying “Walking Debt” and many responding “I feel less and less valued and I feel like a dollar to all of you.” However, it is yet to be determined whether this increase will go through. Look out for news concerning  this possible increase and to the future UC and Cal State students, look into saving a couple extra bucks before entering this next season!




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