The Boiling Point Review

Journalists Alex Thorton and Isabella Doumitt gives us their review on Pasadena’s Boiling Point Restaurant.

Alex Thorton: Boiling Point, a Taiwanese restaurant located at 18 W Green St in Pasadena, was everything I could have imagined. When I walked into the restaurant the first thing that hit me was the mouth-watering scent of hot soup and spices; it was an instant warm

Journalist Alex Thorton enjoying her meal!
Alex enjoying their famous “Angus Beef” dinner special!

welcome. When I entered I was greeted by a nice hostess who directed us to our seat. Walking to my seat, I couldn’t help but recognize all the extravagant Halloween decorations placed around the restaurant. Once I sat, I began to look at the menu and see which meal was the best for me. Everything looked delicious, but I decided to get their famous “Angus Beef” dinner special. The meal was filled with flavor. Besides the food and restaurant being perfect, the location is also convenient because it’s less than half a mile away from Maranatha. It was definitely a 10/10 experience, and I highly recommended it for any lunch or dinner date.

Inside the Boiling Point
Inside the Boiling Point

Isabella Doumitt: While I definitely enjoyed the food and environment at Boiling Point, my experience afterwardswas not as pleasant. Shortly after I got home from the restaurant I got a headache and felt like I had taken 10 sleeping pills. I think this was because of the MSG that the Boiling Point uses in their food. Besides how I was feeling afterwards, I really enjoyed the food and thought it was delicious. The atmosphere was comfortable and stylish and had very cute decorations. I enjoyed my experience at this restaurant but would not recommend it to people that are sensitive to MSG.


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