Behind the Royal Court Finale


By Kin Spencer & Jacob Bart

Maranatha students cheering on their fellow classmates
Maranatha students cheering on their fellow classmates

On Tuesday, the top 34 finalist where patiently waiting for the top seven princesses to be announced. The finalist had to arrive at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses House at 7:30 am. They went over rehearsal of where to stand during the ceremony and where to go after you were chosen or not chosen on the Royal Court. The ceremony started at 9:00 am and the Royal Court committee was announced at 9:30 am. Three of Maranatha’s dedicated students made it to the top 34 finalist. These students were, Kin Spencer, Annie Bishop, and Somer Isaac. They shared with us how much they loved being part of the Royal Court Tryouts and being top finalist. They also loved representing Maranatha and meeting new beautiful talented young girls. Even though they were not elected on being on the court, they said it was a fun and memorable experience that every one at Maranatha should try to pursue. The girls also loved how supportive Maranatha was at the ceremony. Now a quick interview by Kin Spencer.

Interviewer: Kin, after the rehearsal were done, where did you guys go during the waiting period?

Kin: The rehearsal was about 20 minutes long. After the rehearsal we went back to the waiting room and hung out with the other finalist.

Interviewer: What emotions were running through your mind when you were in the room with the other finalist?

Kin: Well, I was very anxious and just wanted to know if I made it or not. But also, I was enjoying my time getting to know the other finalist and just having fun with them.

Interviewer: How did you feel when your name was not announced?

Kin: To be honest, I was shocked, but at the same time happy for my good friend that made it on the Royal Court. I went in with the mind set that if I didn’t make it, that I would still be grateful for having the opportunity on going so far in the tryouts.

Interviewer: Tell us one thing you loved about the ceremony?

Kin: I loved how supportive our school was. It was awesome to know that our friends, teachers and family were supporting us, even after we did not win.

Special thanks for our three courageous finalists for representing our school.


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