Maranatha Athletics: Boys Cross Country

By Andrew Webster and Owen Lin

cross-1The sport of cross country racing consist of three mile races across various terrains. Cross country allows everyone involved to gain mental toughness, as well as building you into a leader as an athlete, and as a human being. Racers are challenged with dealing with time management. They don’t just have to worry about keeping up with their stamina, they have a variety of schools racing side by side with them. The Minuteman are using teamwork and strong relationships with God, because with both, they are unstoppable.


The boys cross country team bonds many times during the season, as well as worshipping together. They play frisbee and after weekend practices, occasionally meet up and play video games. The team also does community service together. Such as helping out at homeless shelters and just last year they did a disabled children walk. During community service the boys talked to homeless people and shared Christianity with them. Owen Lin said, “It was perfect because I got to help homeless people in need”. The team also prays before races and after practices. Praying for everyone to stay healthy and give it their all.


God and cross country overlap by the athletes working as a team. God wants everyone to succeed and by racing together, they feel they can succeed together. This team doesn’t just come together through the sport, their faith unites them and allows them to race as one. cross-2Adam Escobar said,” cross country inspires you to never give up, and give 100%. It Might not look like a team sport, but we go through hardship together, and grow as team”. Every time they pray, every time they run, and every time they walk into a classroom they do it with a purpose. As Christians we want to please God and coming together accomplishes that.

 Joseph Funches listening to coach’s instructions

Last year boys cross country only made it to CIF prelims, but this year they have higher aspirations. Captains Aaron Trujillo and Joseph Funches feel confident in their teams abilities. Joseph Funches said,” I feel we will go farther than last year because we have more people with potential”. Aside from the Captains, other promising talent includes underclassmen Henry Witherspoon, Nick Camonte, and Eric Chang. The Minutmens first game is on Saturday, September 3rd.


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