Granville Cafe

By: Sonali Lalwani

Looking for a place to eat? Granville Café is the perfect place to head after a long day of shopping! With its inviting ambiance and wonderful service, customers are guaranteed to leave this café feeling satisfied. The breezy doorway to the café leads to a sunny patio with a hint of the savory aroma from the barbecue. Granville Café serves food that is locally grown and fresh and operates with a commitment to serve quality food that is affordable. For instance the Café serves many great dishes such as the Uptown Mac and Cheese, the Five-Artisan-Cheese Pizza, and Thai Ginger Salad. These dishes are some of Granville’s classic and most liked dishes that everyone should try. Along with great food comes service! Granville’s waiters and waitresses are attentive and are helpful in ordering the foods that are right for you.

This place goes beyond to serve the customers and help them enjoy their experience. Granville has many locations such as Glendale, Burbank, and Sherman Oaks making it convenient for those who are willing to experience this café. Exceeding its description of a “café,” Granville operates more like a restaurant where one can not only enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine, but also enjoy their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Moreover sitting around the laughter of children and couples gazing at each other while having conversation, Granville accommodates and celebrates families, couples, and those who venture on their own. If you would like to explore the healthy yet delicious foods and great service come and visit Granville Café.


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