Jones and Found Coffee Review

By: Josh Hall and Nick Castello

Jones coffee shop located at 639 s Raymond ave is a great place to come to get an exquisite coffee drink. From their espresso to their nitro cold brew they take pride in their quality of their coffee beans. With a roaster that can be seen through a huge glass window any curious customer can see exactly how their coffee beans are being roasted. With the abundance of green coffee burlap sacks around the store people can also see where their beans come form. The customer service is superb due to their genuine smiles along with their friendly personalities. One downside to this acetic modern coffee shop is that they do not provide wifi for after school studying. However the coffee is worth it to meet up with some friends for a social event.jones-2

Another highly respected and also new and noteworthy coffee shop is found coffee. found1Located right next to Pasadena in eagle rock at 1355 Colorado Blvd this coffee shop is just a quick ride on the 134 from school. This upcoming gem may be over looked by many of the larger coffee competitors but for only being open for around 18 months found has done quite well. However their location is a little more compact they make up for it with their amazing coffee. The smoothness of their cold brewed coffee is pristine and packed with a good amount of caffeine to get you through the day. This is also another coffee shop who cares about the quality of their beans but there is not enough room for an in house roaster so they perform it offsite. This coffee shop is a quality shop with great beans and a friendly atmosphere.found2


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