Charles Acker and His Team USA Experience

By Andrew Webster

Charles Acker is a sophomore at Maranatha High School. He is currently entering his second year on varsity baseball and hopes to make a big impact on and off the field. He works vigorously in the offseason to prepare himself and has joined numerous travel squads to get an edge on his competition. He made the team USA 40 man roster. Since he didn’t make the 20 man roster that travels to different countries, he is expected to be ready, like a minuteman, when they need his talents. It is an experience that will allow him to grow as an athlete and a student.unknown
Charles said, “The practices were alright, we hit a lot and we ran, and then we threw. There were a lot of scouts there. I learned how to talk to scouts better. It’s going to sound a little cliche but if you work hard, things will come your way. What I will take away from the experience is that this season I will be faster, stronger, and more mentally prepared. There was much pressure on him and the other young men working out with scouts. Getting on the 40 man roster is very impressive and is, for many teens in attendance to show off their skills. Charles is only 15 and is already turning heads at the national level.


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