Harambe: Lets Get Together and Push

Harambee: Let’s Get Together and Push     : A mission trip doesn’t have to take place across the country 

By: Delilah Martin and Michelle Tashjian

Allie, a former Maranatha student poses in front of Harambee’s slogan during the year of 2013


Team Harambee, a Christ­centered, non­profit organization was created to dedicated to help the underprivileged children of Pasadena. An integral part of Harambee ministries is due to the support of Maranatha High School. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday the students of Maranatha dedicate their time and love to help tutor the children of Harambee, and provide them with a sense of guidance and stability. In addition, Maranatha High School host annual Christmas toy drives and school supply donations to help provide for the children of Harambee.


The kids perform their songs that they prepared for their families and the school


In 2013, a group of 17 students went to Harambee for a week with two Marantha faculty members. Sleeping in a church for a week just down the street from the school, every morning the group would walk over to the school. Whether it was playing with the kids or tutoring them, a lot of time was spent. The group also would work all day long cleaning and painting the school.



Because the trip was full of many heartfelt memories, coming back and leaving the school behind along with the kids was hard. The team decided to get together the next year during club rush and created Team Harambee. Most of the original team joined except for the seniors who had already graduated. There was so much excitement to reconnect with the Harambee family. The team took people down to the school to volunteer and continue to help the kids when free. Many more relationships were developed giving the kids mentors to look up to.




Many can help support the efforts of Team Harambee today. Join a ministry, volunteer, or donate! The Pasadena community can get involved with team Harambee, and help better the lives of these underprivileged children. As a community, we can dedicate our time and involvement to help improve the conditions and situations these children are experiencing. This is a time to place ourselves in the shoes of the children, and do to others as we would like others to do to us. When we all come together, we can be of great service to this organization.



If you wish to help by donating: http://www.harambeeministries.org/give­4/

Want to Volunteer? Click this link: http://www.harambeeministries.org/volunteer­3/


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