Costa Rica: An Experience No Student Will Ever Forget!

by Kin Spencer and Jacob Bart

On March 25th 2016, 18 students attended the Costa Rica Trip. The trip was eight days and it took about eight hours because they stopped in Guatemala. With the care of Señora Harrison and Señora Breitanbucher (the Spanish teachers) the experience led to many new memories and long lasting friendships. Each day was filled with different activities which got the group on their feet allowing them to see the culture of Costa Rica.


Throughout the trip the group had the opportunity to do many different activities. A couple of them were white water rafting, visit one of the local farms, and hike down to a waterfall. While white water rafting the students were split into different groups as they made their way down the river and frequently chanting “Pura Vida!” which is a popular saying in Costa Rica. On the trip to Don Juan’s farm the students got to participate by harvesting crops and making juice out of sugar cane. At the end of the tour the farmers cooked a meal with the crops the students helped harvest. Last but not least the students enjoyed a scenic hike down to a waterfall located in a town called La Fortuna.

Although the group enjoyed having fun doing many different excursions they also got to enjoy a day helping out at local school. Prior to their trip the group of students gathered school supplies to donate to the local school. Once the students arrived the children were shocked by all their new school supplies and eager to begin playing. While at the school the group interacted with the students in practicing their spanish and playing on the playground with them. The students had such a great time with the children and want to go back again.

When talking to some of the students that went, one thing they all said was “when are we going again?” Going from knowing a few people to all of a sudden being all comfortable with each other said a lot about the trip. Even though some of the things they tried was out of their comfort zone, they weren’t afraid of trying and respecting the culture and activities. The Spanish teachers are working on having another Costa Rica trip and hope to see many people sign up!


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