A Mediterranean Night With my Family

food1This past weekend I had dinner with my family at Café Santorini. Café Santorini is a Mediterranean restaurant in Pasadena that has a charming and lively ambiance. This restaurant is located off of the busy street of Colorado and tucked upstairs in an alley that overlooks a brick walkway and courtyard. It is a perfect spot to have a lovely dinner with your companion and also to have a family get together.

The restaurant, which is split into two parts, has a romantic outdoor patio complete with twinkly lights and Mediterranean music while the inside of the restaurant has people seated by a bar and dim lighting. At the patio, where I was seated, the cool night air and lights made for a pleasant experience. Along with great authentic food and lively atmosphere, my dinner was complete with the lovely service that was offered.

To start I ordered some hummus and pita, grilled calamari, and mozzarella caprese which tasted fresh and authentic to the restaurant’s atmosphere. While eating the appetizers I got watch the various patrons and families that were enjoying their dinner. As my family and I had finished our starters, we went on the main course with some grilled chicken food2kebob, risotto with wild mushrooms, and the café’s signature Santorini pizza. I would recommend this restaurant to any of those visiting Pasadena and are willing to try Mediterranean food.

Café Santorini is a great location and has a perfect environment to serve the Christian community by spending time with your loved ones. This restaurant is the perfect place to come with your family and friends to create time and space that fosters good memories with the people you cherish. When I came to this restaurant for the first time I was able to sit down and spend time with my family and have good conversation. As a student who spends all her time and hard work in school, I tend to forget about the more important things and people in my life, such as my family. My overall experience at Café Santorini left me a great experience with memories to treasure forever!


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