Don’t Be Racist On Twitter

Kevin Yuan
There are tons of aggressive posts targeting different kinds of people on Twitter. Many posts on Twitter contain serious racism. People are able to post things on Twitter anonymously and freely.
It is good to state your own opinion, but this got so out of control that Twitter has had to make efforts to ban these kinds of posts. This attempt at banning racism failed because it is impossible to scrub the countless racist posts that are added every day. When I see such posts I feel so hurt and disappointed.
Technology has failed to help fix this problem, but we can still do something to prevent it from growing worse. As Christian high school students, when we see racist posts we should ignore these posts to not be influenced by them and delete the poster from your friend list.
The Bible shows us that everyone was created equal. From this biblical perspective, we should use Twitter in a more positive way and post words of encouragement that celebrate our God-given differences.

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