The Messenger: Then and Now

Evelyn Thoen and Jake Anderson

Who are we? Last year as a freshman I, Jake Anderson, joined the newspaper club. From a young age I had always had a love for sports journalism, reading sports magazines such as Sports Illustrated, SLAM, and other ones like that. So naturally, I became the sports writer.It was tough reporting for all sports throughout the year, searching on Maxpreps for scores, pictures, and individual statistics but I really matured as a journalist and learned a lot from the seniors in charge of the club. I am beyond excited to continue writing for The Messenger over the next 3 years of my high school career.

For me (Evelyn Thoen), I had a wonderful experience with Newspaper Club last year. I was able to write interviews along with editing other club members’ articles. Sometimes it was difficult to finish articles on time, especially when conducting interviews. However, it was beneficial as I was able to practice time management.

The club overall was a great group of aspiring journalists and I feel that we all learned and grew throughout the year. I’m very excited to be in Journalism and New Media this year, to learn more about media and journalism and to continue The Messenger!

History of the Original Messenger
Here is an excerpt from the section on the original “Messenger” in the 1965-66 Maranatha yearbook:

Last year
The Messenger was brought back into publication by a small group of devoted and creative-minded students here at Maranatha.
Evan Strawn (’16), along with Faith VanRiper (’16), led the Newspaper Club, where the school newspaper was restarted and revamped.
Last year, the club met on Tuesdays in Mr. Baker’s classroom. Club members designed, wrote, edited, and electronically published
multiple editions of the newspaper throughout the year

This year 

A brand new class, Journalism and New Media, has been created to continue the school newspaper and expand the focus to journalism at large. The 29 students currently in the class will continue the tradition of The Messenger while also learning about contemporary journalism and alternative media forms such as podcasts, social media, and web publications. With a dedicated class, the students now have ample time to not only learn about journalism and media, but to put that knowledge to practice with the development of The Messenger.

What to expect and look forward to: So, what can you expect from The Messenger this year? Well, for starters we can promise consistent issues every 2 weeks, along with different stories and news from a variety of social media outlets.

2016 Newspaper Club yearbook picture, by Candice Mallari ’17
You can also look forward to interesting news. We as a newspaper will try our very best to supply answers concerning what you want to know about Maranatha, as well as answers to all of the questions floating around about why things are the way they are. On top of that, The Messenger will give unique Christian perspective on politics, big international events, and things going on in the greater Pasadena area. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly we will cover all the things going on within the Maranatha student body such as chapels, performances, sports, dances, art, and other interesting things happening everyday. So without further ado, welcome to the first edition of the 2016/2017 Messenger!

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